Vegetarian à la carte menu of Ristorante degli Orti in Assisi
Average price: €25,00 not including beverages
Selection of Umbrian cheeses with torta al testo (local flatbread)
Vegetarian appetizer plate
(selection of cheeses, bruschette, small omelette, vegetables)
Panzanella (traditional bread salad)
(lettuce, tomatoes and bread)
Mixed bruschetta plate
House strangozzi
(cream of mushrooms, olives and cream)
House strangozzi with truffles
Strozzapreti dell’Orto
(puréed cauliflower and cherry tomatoes)
Strozzapreti di Brancaleone
(broccoli and Norcia salted ricotta)
Pasta with Umbria herb pesto
Crespelle dell’Orto (stuffed crêpes)
Legume soup
Vegetable soup
Velouté of the day
Main dishes
Plate of three small omelettes
Truffle omelette
Vegetable croquettes
Side dishes
Seasonal vegetables
Roasted potatoes
Mixed baked vegetables
Green salad
Mixed salad
Dinner salads
Degli Orti
(fresh spinach, mushrooms, caciotta cheese, walnuts)
(chickpeas, red Cannara onions, black olives, cherry tomatoes)
(radicchio, oranges and pine nuts)
Bread and cover charge
- Black Norcia truffles, porcini mushrooms, pecorino di fossa cheese, legumes and the freshest vegetables are featured on the menu at the Trattoria degli Orti in Assisi