Assisi, inscribed on UNESCO’s World Heritage List, is a town that merits a visit at least once in a lifetime.

That’s why the Basilica of St Francis, the churches of Santa Chiara, San Rufino and San Damiano, the Temple of Minerva, the Hermitage, the Porziuncola, the Sacro Tugurio in Rivotorto and the Rocca Maggiore, the fortress overlooking Assisi, annually attract hundreds of thousands of pilgrims and tourists, who are drawn by the exceptional historical, artistic, spiritual and cultural values of these places.

The Assisi we love and that we warmly recommend you discover is not just that of St Francis and the hasty tourists who dash through on their way to their next stop, but a medieval town on a human scale: a place that is beautiful to visit, but is even more enchanting you explore it, walk its streets and savour its traditions.

Be warned: its a different kind of experience. Its one that takes time, curiosity and the desire to try routes and itineraries that may be off the beaten path, but are equally enthralling, with stunning vistas, little side streets, typical shops, artists workshops and small squares.

Seen from its narrow streets, Assisi has something extra to offer with respect to its reputation as an internationally renowned tourist destination. Its all about its architecture, the marvellous rolling countryside around it, Mount Subasio and the towns in the valley. This is the land where we were born, live and work, where the quality of life is evident in every work, stone, olive tree, word and gesture, and - naturally - in all its marvellous food.